AI Generated Design vs Stock Images: Which is Better?

If you’re a web designer looking to up-value your client’s website with crisp, relevant and high quality images, or a business looking to increase engagement in your next slide deck, then listen up. Images are engagement magnets, they can either attract attention or repel it. Currently, AI generated design images are unmatched, as they can be rendered to fit your specific requirements, whilst maintaining high quality. As you can imagine, they are rapidly overtaking their generic and non-unique counterparts known as stock images. So get ready for the AI revolution and equip yourself with the best tools available to get an edge over your competitors.

AI Generated Images vs Stock Images

Imagine a boardroom featuring two small businesses fighting to win a contract with a mega client. Business A performs a great pitch, but using stock images the client has seen many times before. The client wonders why Business A aren’t adopting the latest technologies - are they evolving with the times or are they relics of the past? Doubt was taking root. 

Then Business B performs an equally great pitch with the same offer, but instead they’re using highly relevant images reflecting their core message and business niche to perfection, resulting in high-engagement from the client. 

Who do you think the client will offer the contract to?

The same goes for web design. Website A uses AI imagery, whereas Website B uses stock imagery. All other things being equal, which do you think will have a higher level of engagement? It’s pretty obvious really! The results are in. Website A’s higher levels of engagement resulted in a conversion rate of 10% (compared to Website B’s 5%), which equated to an extra $700,000 per year in revenue. 

Now you can see the power of AI generated design in web design and business, let’s explore an example comparing AI vs stock images.

Example: AI Generated Design vs Stock Images

AI Generated Design

Let’s say you’ve been tasked with building a website for a company that offers loans to football (soccer) teams. When the season is over, the buying window begins, where many of the teams could do with a cash injection to help bring some new and exciting talent into their dressing rooms.

You decide to use one of the popular AI generators called Midjourney, so you open your Discord Server and write the following prompt: “a company that gives loans to football teams so they can buy the best players”.

This produces the following image.

Football Loans Initial Image

You quite like the top-right photo as it shows a world class player surrounded by money. This would be perfect because the loan company needs their clients (football clubs) to believe that unlocking additional funds could mean securing top-tier players, winning more titles, and ensuring a remarkable return on investment. However, you’d like to have a look at some variants of this photo, so you select the option ‘V2’ which stands for variants of image 2. This results in the following image.

Football Loans Image

You like the bottom right photo as it still conveys the player’s emotions, but also shows the stadium and crowd in the background, making the experience seem more real. You select this photo by choosing the option “U4” which stands for upscale image 4, producing the following image.

Football Loans Final Image

You are now very happy and have incorporated this image into your client’s website.

Stock Images

The result for stock images? A picture paints a thousand words. Nothing more to be said.

Stock Images

The Final Output: AI Generated Design vs Stock Images

Wrapping up, AI-generated design is changing the game, bringing fresh possibilities, creativity to visuals and seriously outpacing its historic ancestor known as stock images.

Are you looking for top-notch web design that uses AI-crafted images to boost engagement and conversion rates for your business? If so, contact Wheatley Digital for a website that mirrors your brand and turns clicks into profits.