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Web Design
2 min read

Building Trust Through Design: Consistent Spacing for Engineering Firms

In the engineering world, precision and reliability are everything. These principles should extend to your company's website. 

Having worked with dozens of engineering firms, we’ve seen firsthand how a consistent, thoughtful design can boost average contract values and sales. 

Your website is a crucial tool for showcasing your expertise and earning the trust of potential clients. 

At Wheatley Digital, we design websites with meticulous attention to margins and padding within a well-defined layout system to ensure your online presence reflects the same precision and reliability that define your work.

The Power of 12: A Structured Foundation

Our layout is built on a solid 12-column grid system, which helps organise your website's content. Each column is the same width, making it easy to arrange elements and ensuring a predictable user experience. We further improve this structure with consistent margins of 45px on the outside edges and 24px gutters between columns. These margins and gutters create clear separation and breathing room for your content, giving it a professional look.

The Nuance of 8: Finer-Grained Control

While the 12-column grid sets the overall structure, we use an 8-point grid system for more detailed control within the columns. This means margins and padding within elements are applied in multiples of 8 pixels (px).

  • Divisibility: The number 8 divides easily, allowing for various spacing increments (like 16px, 24px, 32px) that fit perfectly within the 24px gutter defined by the 12-column layout.
  • Visual Harmony: Consistent spacing creates a sense of order and predictability, which aligns with the engineering aesthetic. It results in a visually balanced and polished website that reflects the precision and attention to detail your engineering firm embodies.

Beyond Margins and Padding: Where Consistent Spacing Matters

Using the 8-point grid isn't just about margins and padding. Here are other areas where this system really shines:

  • Typography: Consistent spacing between lines of text, paragraphs, and headings improves readability.
  • Imagery: Applying uniform spacing around images ensures a cohesive visual flow.
  • Buttons and Forms: Consistent spacing between buttons and form elements enhances user experience.
  • Responsiveness: The grid system adapts well to different screen sizes, ensuring a consistent user experience across devices.

Figma to Webflow: A Streamlined Workflow

We use Figma, a popular design software, to set up the 8-point grid system within our 12-column layout during the initial website mockups. This ensures that when we move the design to Webflow, a web development platform, the spacing translates seamlessly. This consistency reduces back-and-forth communication and streamlines the development process, saving you time and resources.

Wrapping Up

By combining a solid 12-column layout for overall organisation with a detailed 8-point grid system for finer spacing, Wheatley Digital designs websites for engineering firms that are not only visually appealing but also convey the message of trust and reliability that your company stands for. With Wheatley Digital, your website will reflect the same precision and reliability that define your engineering work.

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