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Web Development
3 min read

Creating Language Switchers in Webflow Using Finsweet

Finsweet is a prominent Webflow design and development agency known for its innovative solutions and tools that extend Webflow's capabilities. They offer services like Webflow development, design, and consulting, along with free resources that help Webflow users enhance their projects.

Adding Language Switchers in Webflow Using Finsweet

Creating language switchers in Webflow can significantly improve user experience by making your website accessible to a global audience. Here’s a detailed guide on how to add language switchers using Finsweet.

Step-by-Step Guide
  1. Install Finsweet Attributes:
    • To start, you need to install Finsweet’s Attribute System. This system provides custom attributes that enhance the functionality of your Webflow project.
    • Go to Finsweet Attributes and follow the installation instructions.
  2. Set Up CMS Collections:
    • Create a CMS collection for each language you want to support. For example, you can have a collection for English and another for Spanish.
    • Ensure each collection has the same structure but contains translated content.
  3. Add Language Switcher Buttons:
    • Add buttons or links to your Webflow project that will serve as language switchers.
    • Apply Finsweet’s fs-lang-switcher attribute to these buttons to specify the target language.
  4. Custom Code Integration:
    • Integrate custom code into your Webflow project to handle the language switching logic using Finsweet’s JavaScript library.
    • Include the necessary Finsweet scripts in the custom code settings of your Webflow project.
  5. Test the Language Switcher:
    • Preview your Webflow site and test the language switcher buttons to ensure they work correctly.
    • Verify that the content changes to the selected language seamlessly.

Customising the Webflow UI

Once you have the language switcher set up, you might want to customise the Webflow UI to match your site’s design and improve user experience. Here are a few tips:

Styling Language Buttons
  • Use Webflow’s Designer to style your language switcher buttons. Ensure they are prominent and easy to find.
  • Consider using flags or language codes (e.g., “EN” for English, “ES” for Spanish) to make it clear to users which language they are selecting.
Responsive Design
  • Make sure the language switcher works well on different devices. Test on mobile, tablet, and desktop to ensure a consistent experience.
Content Layout
  • Ensure that the translated content is properly formatted and matches the layout of your original content.
  • Adjust margins, padding, and other layout settings to accommodate any differences in text length between languages.

Using the Weglot UI Kit for Webflow

If you are using Weglot as your Webflow translation tool, Finsweet offers a convenient solution to streamline the process. The Weglot UI Kit by Finsweet is a cloneable project that includes pre-built language switchers and styles. 

This kit simplifies the integration and customization process, allowing you to easily match the language switcher to your website’s design. Clone the project into your Webflow account and customise it using the Webflow Designer to create a seamless multilingual experience for your users.


Adding language switchers in Webflow using Finsweet’s tools is a powerful way to make your website multilingual and accessible to a global audience. 

By following the steps outlined above and using the Finsweet Weglot UI Kit, you can create a seamless language-switching experience for your users. 

With Finsweet’s resources, customising and enhancing your Webflow projects becomes a much simpler and more efficient process.

For more detailed instructions and advanced customizations, visit Finsweet's official website.

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