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Web Design
2 min read

Design Inspiration for Your New Engineering Website

The engineering world thrives on precision and functionality. But your website shouldn't be all function and no form. Here's a fact: a visually compelling website attracts clients and showcases your firm's capabilities. It communicates innovation and can often be the difference between a signed contract and a missed opportunity.

This guide equips you with the resources to design an inspiring website that informs and captivates.

Design Inspiration

  • Award-Winning Inspiration: Explore Awwwards and filter by "engineering" to discover award-winning website layouts, functionalities, and interactive elements.
  • Behance's Creative Hub: Dive into Behance's project portfolio and search "engineering websites" or keywords related to your niche to find modern, technical website designs.
  • Dribbble's Design Snippets: Get inspired by "shots" on Dribbble showcasing web design elements like landing pages and UI components. Use the search bar to filter by design style and industry.

Colour Palettes

  • Colour Palettes: Experiment with Adobe Color to generate colour schemes based on a chosen colour or explore curated palettes. Find one that reflects your brand.
  • Muzli's Inspiration: Discover inspiring content, including colour palettes, on Muzli. Find a professional, impactful colour scheme that complements your engineering expertise.


  • Google Fonts: Discover a vast library of free, high-quality fonts suitable for web design. Use the filter options to find fonts that are professional, clear, and easy to read on all screen sizes.
  • Font Pair: This tool helps you find complementary font pairings for your website headlines, body text, and buttons.
  • Typewolf: Explore beautiful type pairings and real-world website typography examples. Typewolf also offers insights into typography trends and best practices.

Images, Vectors and Graphics

  • Free Tools: Find stunning, royalty-free engineering photos on Unsplash and Pexels.
  • Shutterstock: While paid, Shutterstock boasts an extensive collection of engineering-related images, including technical diagrams and 3D renderings.
  • Freepik: Engineering-Specific Visuals: Discover a vast collection of free and premium vectors, illustrations, and photos specifically tailored for engineering themes on Freepik.
  • Midjourney: Explore the world of AI-generated art with Midjourney. This platform allows you to create unique and futuristic visuals that can elevate your website's design.

For Inspiration

Explore some of our favourite engineering and tech websites:

Bonus Tip: Analyse successful engineering firm websites. See how they use design elements, colour palettes, and imagery to communicate their brand and expertise.

Remember, a great website is clear, user-friendly, and showcases the value you bring. With this guide and your engineering ingenuity, you can craft a website that truly reflects your firm's brilliance.

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