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Digital Growth
2 min read

Engineer Your Lead Flow: Automate Your Engineering Website

The engineering world thrives on precision and efficiency. Shouldn't your website follow suit? In today's era of competitive engineering and rapid innovation, a static website simply won't cut it. You need a lead generation machine, and that's where automation comes in. Here's how we leverage website data and automation tools to turn your engineering website into a client magnet.

Unleash Automated Lead Capture with Targeted Forms

Ditch generic contact forms. We design high-converting forms like "Request a Quote" or "Schedule a Consultation" that capture crucial details: contact information, project needs, and budget ranges. Here's the automation magic:

  • Pre-Populated CRM Leads: Integrate your forms with your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software like Salesforce or HubSpot. Form submissions automatically create qualified leads in your CRM, pre-populated with all the captured data. This eliminates manual data entry and ensures your sales team has the information they need to personalise outreach and close deals faster.

Imagine this: A visitor submits a "Request a Quote" form for bridge design. Zapier, a user-friendly automation platform, instantly creates a lead in your CRM with their contact details and project requirements. Your sales team receives an instant notification, allowing them to follow up with a targeted proposal before the competition even knows what hit them.

Automated Workflows: Beyond Lead Capture

Lead capture is just the first step. Here's how we use automation to further streamline your sales process:

  • Automated Project Management: Integrate forms with project management platforms like Asana or Trello. Form submissions automatically trigger the creation of new project boards, pre-populated with task details, deadlines, and assigned team members. This streamlines your workflow and frees up your team to focus on high-value tasks.

Example: A visitor fills out a detailed form outlining a construction project. Make, a powerful automation platform, automatically creates a project board in Asana with pre-assigned tasks for structural analysis, material procurement, and scheduling. Simultaneously, the form data feeds into your engineering software, providing vital project details for your team to hit the ground running.

Seamless Connections with Powerful Tools

We leverage leading integration platforms to automate these processes seamlessly:

  • Zapier: Offers pre-built integrations for a variety of apps, allowing for easy automation between website forms and your CRM or project management tools.
  • Make: Provides advanced features like data manipulation and conditional logic for complex integrations requiring customisation.

Webflow: Built for Automation

Our preferred web design platform, Webflow, integrates seamlessly with various automation tools. Using Webflow's form builder and custom code capabilities, we can design effective forms and connect them to your CRM, project management tool, or engineering software, creating a fully automated lead generation and project management ecosystem.

The Benefits of Automated Lead Generation

By strategically capturing and using website data through automation, we empower engineering firms to:

  • Effortlessly Capture High-Quality Leads: Convert website visitors into qualified prospects with minimal manual effort.
  • Boost Sales Team Efficiency: Automate workflows to free up your sales team's time for closing deals.
  • Reduce Human Error: Eliminate manual data entry and ensure accurate information throughout the sales process.

Don't let your engineering expertise go unnoticed. We can transform your website into a powerful lead generation machine fuelled by automation. Contact us today and let's discuss how we can help you turn website visitors into loyal clients, faster than ever before.

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