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Our 5 Step Tried and Tested Sales Process

Finding the perfect design partner can feel overwhelming. But at Wheatley Digital, we've streamlined the process to ensure a positive outcome, no matter whether you choose us or not. As long as you’ve gained some value, that’s a win in our books!

Step 1 - Client Enquiry

Your initial enquiry is our chance to understand your vision and basic needs. We'll then schedule a discovery call to delve deeper.

Step 2 - Discovery Call

During the call, we'll discuss your goals, target audience, and desired outcomes. This is also where we showcase our design portfolio to get you inspired. Together, we'll establish next steps and a potential project timeline.

Step 3 - Design Proposal

Based on your specific requirements, we'll craft a proposal outlining the proposed design solution, features, functionalities, and costs. This might include mockups or samples to help you visualise the final product.

Step 4 - Follow-up Call

A follow-up call ensures you have no unanswered questions. We'll walk you through the proposal, address any concerns, and discuss potential revisions. This is your chance to feel confident about moving forward.

Step 5 - Service Agreement

Once you're happy, we'll formalise everything with a Service Agreement that details project deliverables, timelines, revisions, payment terms, and cancellation policy. This signifies our commitment to your success.

Post Sales - Client Onboarding

The journey doesn't stop there. Before design work begins, we'll welcome you with an onboarding package and delve deeper into your business through in-depth discussions and workshops. This allows us to truly understand your brand and refine the project scope for optimal results.

Ready to unlock the power of design? Contact Wheatley Digital to schedule your discovery call and let's get closer to your business goals!

Manufacturing Companies Keep the World Moving

We believe in the power of manufacturing to drive progress and sustain our world. Your work is crucial, and we are passionately committed to helping you grow and succeed.