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Web Design
2 min read

Style Guides: Your Secret Weapon for Brand Consistency

Have you ever noticed inconsistencies in a brand's communication? Maybe a website uses a modern, minimalist design, while their social media posts have a busy, cluttered aesthetic. This lack of cohesion can confuse your audience and dilute the brand message.

Enter the style guide: your secret weapon for brand consistency.

Why Style Guides Matter

A well-crafted style guide ensures a brand speaks with one clear voice across all platforms, from websites (especially Webflow creations!) to brochures and social media. This benefits both you and your clients:

  • Brand Clarity: Consistent voice and visual identity build brand recognition and trust.
  • Client Confidence: Clients appreciate knowing their brand message is being delivered accurately and professionally.
  • Efficiency: A style guide saves time by eliminating internal debates about formatting, tone, and visuals.

Client-First, Focused on Webflow

Here at Wheatley Digital, we take a client-first approach, and our style guide reflects that. We focus on the following key areas, with a particular emphasis on Webflow websites:

  • Voice and Tone: We define the personality we want to project for each client. Is it friendly and approachable, or formal and authoritative?
  • Writing Style: We establish guidelines for things like grammar, punctuation, and preferred terminology.
  • Visual Identity: Our style guide includes logos, colour palettes, fonts, and image styles to ensure a cohesive presentation across all platforms, including Webflow websites and any offline materials.
  • Webflow-Specific Elements: We define how to use things like symbols, interactions, and animations to create a consistent user experience across Webflow websites.
  • Content Hierarchy & Responsive Design: Our style guide outlines website layouts, navigation, call-to-actions, and content organisation for optimal user flow, ensuring a consistent brand experience across all devices, from desktops to smartphones.

Empower Your Clients with Brand Consistency

A style guide is a living document that evolves alongside your agency and its clients. By prioritising client needs and focusing on clear communication, your style guide can become the foundation for a renewed level of brand consistency and client satisfaction.

Next Steps

Ready to create your own style guide? Here are some resources to get you started for your next Webflow project:

For more information on Webflow styling conventions, see Finsweet’s documentation for Client-First.

By investing in a strong style guide, you can ensure your brand (or your client's brand) speaks with a clear, consistent voice – a voice that will resonate with the audience and help it shine.

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