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Web Design
3 min read

Unveiling the Secrets: Our Web Design Workflow

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at a top web design agency?

We're here to spill the beans, but with a caveat: there's no one-size-fits-all approach. As the saying goes, there's more than one way to skin a cat (though we prefer a more creative approach!).

Technology demands can influence the tools we use (the "tech stack"). Adaptability is key – we strategise and tailor our workflow to fit your specific needs.

Here's a breakdown of our typical process at Wheatley Digital, transforming concepts into stunning websites and leaving clients grinning from ear to ear.

The Roadmap: Discovery

This initial phase is crucial. Before diving in, we need to understand your vision.

  • What are your goals? Is it brand awareness, driving sales, or a combination?
  • What's your timeline?
  • What's your design aesthetic? Are you prioritising a WOW factor or a focus on marketing elements like landing pages?
  • Budget considerations?
  • Technology preferences? Are there specific platforms you'd like to use?
  • Post-launch management? Do you want a simple CMS for in-house maintenance, or would you prefer us to handle ongoing management?
Building Your Brand Identity

Branding often takes centre stage. If you have an established brand, we'll seamlessly integrate your existing style guide.

For those without a brand identity, we'll develop logos, colour palettes, typography, and image filters – crafting a cohesive brand experience documented in a comprehensive style guide. Adaptability reigns supreme – we mould design decisions around your unique needs.

Design: Where the Magic Happens

This is the heart and soul of web design! We use Figma as our design tool of choice.

The process starts with rapid mockups based on agreed-upon branding. After your feedback, we'll refine the design, delving into UX/UI and prototyping. We'll create modular components, ensure responsiveness across devices, and add transitions for a dynamic website feel.

Following your final review and approval, the baton is passed to our developers to bring your vision to life through code.

Development: Tailored Solutions

The website's complexity dictates the technology stack our developers use. We're tech-driven, but the "best" solution is always client-specific. This is where the importance of a thorough discovery phase shines – it allows us to jump straight into development with a clear strategy and pre-selected tools.

For projects with simpler needs, we're big fans of Framer and Webflow. These platforms excel at creating bespoke, high-quality websites that are both fast and clean.

Once the code is complete, our developers meticulously test for responsiveness across all devices, ensuring a seamless user experience on any screen.

The Power of Words: Web Copy

Who here undervalues copywriting? Trust us, it's an art form worth appreciating. Our skilled copywriters delve into your brand, client requirements, and collaborate with developers to craft compelling copy.

This meticulously crafted content is then integrated seamlessly into your website. But that's not all! Our team goes the extra mile, creating click-worthy meta titles and descriptions to boost your search engine ranking and click-through rates.

Launch and Beyond

The final chapter involves website configuration and rigorous testing before the big launch! We offer ongoing website management services, or, if you prefer, a smooth handover with comprehensive maintenance guides.

The Final Note

We hope this glimpse into our process has been insightful and inspires your next web design project. Remember, prioritise strategy over specific tools. The key to a successful website lies in a well-defined workflow like this:

  1. Discovery
  2. Branding
  3. Design
  4. Development
  5. Web Copy
  6. Launch

Ready to showcase your brand's "sauce" to the world? Get in touch with Wheatley Digital today!

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