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Clean Design & Innovative Development

Through strategic copy and thoughtful design, we launch websites that boost your brand and grow your manufacturing company from under £5M to £10M and beyond.

Strategic Copy

At Wheatley Digital, we start with thorough discovery and research to understand your business and customers. We conduct detailed market analysis and craft strategic copy that resonates with your audience and drives conversions. This foundational work ensures our design perfectly aligns with your goals and customer needs.

style guide

Thoughtful Branding

We capture the core essence of your company and fold it into a comprehensive brand message playbook. We develop logos, typography, and colour palettes that perfectly fit your identity. This is all compiled into a detailed brand style guide, ensuring consistent and impactful communication across all platforms.

Clean Design

We design the site layout, elements, and sections using your brand colours and logos to ensure consistency. Our designs include subtle interactions and animations to enhance user experience. We prepare all these as low-fidelity designs for your approval before starting development.

right stack
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Innovative Development

In the development phase, we bring your vision to life by creating a brand style guide, setting up interactions, and laying out the site to ensure responsiveness. We can build various types of websites, including e-commerce, membership, and brochure sites, while adhering to SEO best practices. Additionally, we can add languages if needed. Finally, we launch your site in top shape, ensuring it performs flawlessly from day one.

Trust The Process

1. Discovery & Research

2.5 Weeks

We conduct a discovery session, research, customer interviews, and competitor analysis to gather insights and understand your business and market landscape.

2. Brand Message Development

0.5 Weeks

We create a Brand Message Playbook that defines your brand’s message, tone, and positioning, ensuring consistency. This is delivered as the first key deliverable.

3. Website Strategy

0.5 Weeks

We develop a detailed website sitemap to plan the structure and navigation of your site. This strategic plan is delivered as the second key deliverable.

4. Wireframes & Copywriting

1 Week

Our team drafts content wireframes and initial copywriting to establish the layout and structure of your website’s content. This is delivered as the third key deliverable.

5. Design

1 Week

We hold a branding session, create low fidelity design concepts, and develop a brand style guide. These designs and guidelines are delivered as the fourth and fifth key deliverables.

6. Development

2 Weeks

Our team builds the fully functional website based on approved designs, ensuring seamless integration and a robust user experience.

7. Launch

0.5 Weeks

We review, test, and launch the website, ensuring everything functions correctly. The fully operational website is handed over as the final deliverable.

Manufacturing Companies Keep the World Moving

We believe in the power of manufacturing to drive progress and sustain our world. Your work is crucial, and we are passionately committed to helping you grow and succeed.