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Achieving Brand Harmony: Consistent Voice and Visual Identity Across Social Media

This article hosted by Wheatley Digital explains how businesses can maintain this harmony across various social media platforms.
Guest Post

Creating Language Switchers in Webflow Using Finsweet

Learn how to add and customise language switchers in Webflow using Finsweet's tools. Expand your reach with a smooth multilingual experience.
Web Development

Strategies for Multilingual Engineering Websites

Discover strategies for multilingual Webflow sites for international engineering firms. Learn cost-effective solutions, scalability, and collaboration tips.
Web Design

Best AI Tools for Engineering Images

From aerospace to manufacturing, high-quality visuals are essential. Discover the top 5 AI tools we use to generate and edit images for engineering firms.
Web Design

Building Trust Through Design: Consistent Spacing for Engineering Firms

Build trust through design. Discover how our 12-column grids and 8-point spacing ensure consistent, reliable engineering website design.
Web Design

The Power of Neutrals: Building a Distinct Engineering Brand Identity

Forget bold colours! Neutrals are the secret weapon for building a distinct engineering brand. It's time to convey trust, innovation, and memorability.

Design Inspiration for Your New Engineering Website

Unveil your engineering brilliance! Design an inspiring website. Get free resources for colour palettes, visuals & more. Attract clients, showcase expertise!
Web Design

Webflow vs Shopify for Engineering Ecommerce

Struggling to choose between Webflow and Shopify for your engineering store? This post compares features to help you pick the perfect platform.

Best Translation & SEO Tools for Engineering Websites

Take your engineering company global! Explore Webflow's built-in translation and SEO tools, plus Weglot for advanced translation workflows.
Web Development

Engineer Your Lead Flow: Automate Your Engineering Website

Discover how automation & website data can transform your engineering website. Learn to capture leads, streamline workflows & gain a competitive edge.
Digital Growth

Transforming Engineering Photos with Photoshop and AI Magic

Spice up your engineering photos! Ditch boring stock images and learn how to use Photoshop to create stunning, authentic visuals that showcase your innovation.
Web Design

4 Steps to Engineer Your Way to a Great Brochure

Create winning engineering brochures in 4 easy steps! Learn how to design, choose a template, write compelling content & add finishing touches.

Style Guides: Your Secret Weapon for Brand Consistency

Struggling with Webflow design consistency? Discover how a style guide unifies your Webflow projects & all branding for a clear, client-winning message.
Web Design

Webflow Libraries: Build Great UIs Faster

Streamline your Webflow workflow! Drag & drop pre-built components from stunning Webflow Libraries to design professional UIs in record time.
Web Development

Webflow Mastery: 11 Essential Development Principles

Want to build like a Webflow pro? Master these 11 essential development principles to equip you for success in creating exceptional websites.
Web Development

The Power of Mood Boards

Have you ever looked at a company logo or website and instantly gotten a sense of who they are? It all starts with creative direction and mood boards!
Web Design

10 Negotiation Rules for Design Agencies

While Roger Dawson doesn't have a book specifically on agency negotiation, his core principles translate well. Here are 10 negotiation rules for agencies.

Why Every Agency Owner MUST Journal

Running an agency is a whirlwind. You juggle projects, manage clients, and wear a million hats. But feeling overwhelmed? There's a secret weapon: journaling!

The Client-Centric Sprint: How We Manage Design Projects

At Wheatley Digital, we believe exceptional design goes hand-in-hand with exceptional project management. That's why we leverage the power of sprints to deliver high-quality solutions efficiently, keeping our clients engaged and informed throughout the entire process.
Project Management

Our 5 Step Tried and Tested Sales Process

Take a deep dive into our agency’s tried and tested sales process, where we understand your vision, showcase our expertise, and provide valuable insights.

Unveiling the Secrets: Our Web Design Workflow

Here's a breakdown of our typical process at Wheatley Digital, transforming concepts into stunning websites and leaving clients grinning from ear to ear.
Web Design